Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yes please


glen_mc said...

I'd say Yes Please to the first guy!

Anonymous said...

Simply stunning......Thanks

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I like the handsome smiling guy in the black T-shirt. Smiles slay me.
I'll bet the rest of him is as attractive and that he goes BANG! for a weekend.

But he's gotta be a good kisser, too.
With that smile, I'll bet he is.

girds said...

Totonto - you and i will fight for him

Anonymous said...

Glen's guy is from Paul Freeman's not-bad book, "Outback." I agree with Glen enormously about this guy. The black T guy is Randy Sheppard (aka something else, also, naturally) and has one of the most lusciously detailed bodies in the world, smiles ALL the time (just as fabulously as here), and presents some of the very most stunning genital behaviour reserved, usually, for dreams. He is uncannily attractive, can't help it.

I have no idea how he kisses, but I wouldn't mind if he were awful at it, because I am still looking for a human flaw in him.

Laurent said...

I think I will go with the Corbie being chomped.